Smithson Lawyers Gold Coast Have Registered Mediators Who Can Help Resolve Your Matter Quickly Without Going to Court

What Is Mediation

Mediation (which includes Family Dispute Resolution) is where parties come together in an attempt to resolve their disputes. It is a cost effective way to finalise arrangements without having to go to Court. Mediations normally take no longer than a day and can deal with both parenting and property matters.

A Registered Mediator will assist the parties in helping them to discuss what they are concerned about and hopefully reach an agreement on what will happen in the future. This may include parenting arrangements such as how much time children will spend with each parent; or property issues such as who will retain what items etc.

Smithson Lawyers Gold Coast has registered Mediators who can help the parties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Have To Be In The Same Room As The Other Party?

No. You will not have to be in the same room as the other party and we can arrange a shuttle mediation, which involves the parties being in separate rooms and the mediator going between each room. Alternatively, we can arrange the mediation by telephone.


Who Will Pay the Mediator's Fee?

Normally, both parties will pay half of the mediator's fee.


How Long Will the Mediation Go For?

Most mediations take approximately 4 hours. However, it will depend on the complexity of the matter.


What If There Is A Domestic Violence Order?

If both parties are happy to participate in the mediation then it can proceed but often will occur by way of a shuttle mediation (as detailed above). However, if you have significant safety concerns then the Mediator will discuss these with you and will decide whether the mediation is appropriate. If the Mediator decides it is not appropriate then you will be issued a Certificate confirming this.


What Happens If There is an Agreement At Mediation?

It is recommended that if there is an agreement at mediation, that the agreement be formalised properly. This can be done through a Parenting Plan, Consent Order or Binding Agreement. Please view our Family Law page for more information.

Our Mediation Services

Principal Lawyer, Janeen Smithson of Smithson Lawyers Gold Coast is a registered mediator and offers the following mediation services:

  • Full Day Mediation Services
  • Half Day (4 hours) Mediation Services

Please contact our office to book in your mediation service or to enquire about pricing.

Mediation In Your Family Law Matter

Mediation (also called Family Dispute Resolution) is normally one of the first steps in a Family Law matter and involves using the assistance of a mediator to attempt to resolve disputes between parties.

It is a cost-effective way to resolve disputes and often results in a quick and easy settlement.

Smithson Lawyers Gold Coast's expert family lawyers will prepare for and attend the mediation with you to help in resolving the matter in the best way possible.

By having a lawyer attend the mediation it will ensure that you understand any proposals made and have on-hand legal advice to make decisions at the time.

If an agreement is reached at mediation, our expert lawyers will be able to draft the agreement to ensure your interests are protected.

We work with experienced mediators and in most matters, the issues will resolve on the day of mediation.

To make sure the mediation runs smoothly, we make sure that all matters incidental to the mediation are finalised before the mediation takes place. This ensures that you do not waste your time and money. This may include getting valuations on disputed properties, arranging financial disclosure and any other issues that may arise.

Mediation can normally be completed in 1 day.

Where the issues can not be resolved at mediation, then we can guide you in the next steps forward.

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