Our Fees

Fixed Fees

Smithson Lawyers Gold Coast aims to provide legal advice to families. We understand that often families do not have a lot of extra money to pay for legal fees and we want to alleviate this worry and burden and ensure that legal support is available for you.

At Smithson Lawyers Gold Coast we charge our clients fixed fees. This means that you will not be charged by the minute or hour but instead you will be informed at the start of your matter what the fee will be and that fee will be fixed so that there are no surprises at the end.

We want to stop confusion with your accounts and make it simple. A fixed fee is simple and you will never have to worry again what your legal costs will be.

Although our fees will be fixed, unfortunately disbursements may not be but you will only ever be charged what those disbursements cost us. For example, if a court filing fee is $150.00 you will only ever be charged $150.00.

We don't charge extra for photocopying or telephone conversations. These are all included in your fixed price.

Some matters are difficult to fix from start to finish as we simply may not know where it will end. In those types of matters you will be provided a fixed fee for each step along the way. This way, you decide whether you want to keep going or not.

Payment Options

Smithson Lawyers Gold Coast not only has fixed fees but in some matters we offer payment options to assist you in paying your legal fees. Contact us today to determine whether these may be available for you.